miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Weekly Brush up No.6 (2/21/11-2/27/11)

Swimming: 3x [2hrs 40min (2700mts)]

Good swim workouts, the two longest were 2.8km and 3km. I felt good on both and managed to hit my goal times. My key workout here was 18 x 100 mts as 6 @ 2.10 send off, 6 @ 2.05 and 6 leaving @ 2.00 , all of them been under 1.50 for the 100’s.

Bike: 4x [6hrs 03min(100km= does not include training rides)]

Not much here other than the sundays long ride of 100k on which I felt ok but no great . The other major goal accomplished was hitting my heart rate threshold on Saturdays trainer ride and performing the 2x20min set.

running: 5x [4hrs 46min (47.2km)]

Again lots of consistency here, I’ve shown little sparks on progression based on pace. The long run still tough on my body. I’ve been able to keep a consistent pace on my threshold run which is nor bad or good. Anyways I keep putting up the effort and hoping for the best.

Totals: 13hrs 29min (quite possible biggest training week ever!!)

*notes: Not much to be said here other than consistency present and volumes keeps on building. I’m now on my last week of building and will shut things down gradually from now on. I hope to start feeling fresher in the last couple of days.  I am really pumped up for the race and want to at least do well. With how crappy my times are a PB is not a great deal. On the other side I am tired of the long training sessions and want some time off to focus on shorter stuff. HTFU and get the job done!!!

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