miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Weekly Brush-up (4-18-11/4-24-11)

Swimming: 0x , 0hrs, 0mts

Cycling: 4x [5hrs 17min) 57KM]

Mostly indoor trainer with a 57km a hard/fast ride on holy Friday with and average of over 29km/hr. There was also a brick workout on sunday with a short transition run after a varied interval workout on the trainer, linsey corbin style.

Running: 5x [4hrs 27min) 44.1km]

Similar to pasts weeks, consistency was the focus. This week included a 9mile long run , a 6 mile medium wrong and a key track interval workout of 8 x 400mts. Times were fairly consistent.

totals: 9hrs 44min

*notes: Well for this week I was a duathlete. Mainly because pool was closed due to holy week festivities.  I made a goal on this week to hit 5 bike sessions and 5 run sessions.  I ended up with 4 bikes and 5 runs which is not bad. Every session went ok with the exception of Tueday’s long run. I don’t know what is it about Tuesdays but I always seem to have a bad training day for a reason that is completely unknown for me. Overall happy with the week as I HTFU and got the job done. Could have hustle a little bit more and add a couple of open water swim workouts but again with no partners and a severe case of open water phobia it was a NO- NO.

lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Weekly Brush up. (04-11-11/4-17-11)

Swimming: 2x [6000mts 2hrs 17min]

Only 2 sessions here, good thing they were both 3000mts long and there were some quality sets in there nothing strenuous but good quality overall. I definitely look forward to improve on my swimming since I think and many people also, that I have decent technique but need more strengths to get into the next level.

cycling: 2x [ 2hrs 53min 50km]

A couple of quality sessions not a big deal. Finally got on the road on Sunday and performed a 20k TT. I was a little discouraged by the time and speed average. I considered myself an above average cyclist but now I’m sure I am a MOP’er.

Running: 3x {2hrs 55min 29.8km]

No consistency here whatsoever but a lot of quality and I am REALLY REALLY happy on how my paces are progressing even with minimal work done. I finally feel like I am out of the slump again and running a little bit more instead of shuffling around at 10min x mile pace. My goal here is to run 30-35 for the remaining 4 weeks before race.

Totals: 8hrs 26min

*Notes: This week was just another one with good quality sessions but just not a lot of volume or consistency. Sad thing is, those 2 things are what keep me improving. I have a HARD race coming 4 weeks from now and I will pay the price there. Motivation is not there or here to be exact. I need a training partner, maybe a coach or simply someone to push me to my limits. I’ve made a mental commitment with myself to work intelligently hard this next 4 weeks and see what happens. As of for now I haven’t been on the road since the 70.3 event and my bike fitness which I erroneously considered my forte in triathlon- has suffered. The swim is still there and running is improving SLOwly. Now I know where to put the work up.

domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Weekly Brush-up (3-22-11/4-3-11) (4-4-11/4-10-11)

I will write this post even though I got 0 followers but  instead I plan on using it for future reference.

SWIMMING:  1hrs 57min(5300mts) ///////////2hrs 03min 5300mts

CYCLING:  (45min)//////////////////2hrs 30min (mostly trainer)

RUNNING: (2hrs 49min 29.1km)///////////// 3hrs 35min 37.5km

CORE": 80min

Totals: (6hrs 22min)                                                    (8hrs 38min)

Notes: Just getting back into things. I have been looking into every detail I could fix about my training and decided to make a priority out of core work and overall strength using weights.  Right now the limiting factor for me is motivation. It has been tough getting out of bed and out the door to do just about anything.  Another decision made was to make my bike training strictly indoors, no more road other than races of when I REALLY want to do a TT effort or test out equipment.  People out on the streets are just crazy and they couldn’t care less about when on a skinny ass bike to the right of the road. A recent accident to a training partner put the final nail into the issue. Another limiting factor is that even though people said “training is free” it really isn’t. I cannot swim for free in the pool, I have to pay parking to go running, I have to constantly gas car to go to safe training environment, let aside nutrition, equipment, race fees, etc. 

I’ve put down a couple of really good race practices so far and feel happy about the opportunity of going hard without paying to do so. An aquathlon practice proved that I am swimming faster than ever before and can beat people out of the water who used to beat the crap out of me.  I have been able to constantly run sub 8.45 miles off from hard swims and bikes. Today I was totally trashed after my duathlon effort and managed to run 2x miles at 8min pace after .  All considered I should have a good race if I decide to race the Roselyn Sanchez tri for life sprint distance. I have a couple of more weeks to put down some speed work and see what pops out. I did a track set of 8x400mts and find myself running about 7min miles avg pace for them which I liked.

I believe I have to achieve a couple of stepping stones in order to be competitive in my local races and age group. Get standalone 5k time closer to 22min. Swim under 13min for a 750mts race, currently at 13.30aprox. Should also get stronger overall and improve on nutrition. My next race will be may 15th and I don’t have a clear goal at the moment.

I’ll be back later with some notes on my tweaked nutrition plan.