miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Weekly Brush-up (4-18-11/4-24-11)

Swimming: 0x , 0hrs, 0mts

Cycling: 4x [5hrs 17min) 57KM]

Mostly indoor trainer with a 57km a hard/fast ride on holy Friday with and average of over 29km/hr. There was also a brick workout on sunday with a short transition run after a varied interval workout on the trainer, linsey corbin style.

Running: 5x [4hrs 27min) 44.1km]

Similar to pasts weeks, consistency was the focus. This week included a 9mile long run , a 6 mile medium wrong and a key track interval workout of 8 x 400mts. Times were fairly consistent.

totals: 9hrs 44min

*notes: Well for this week I was a duathlete. Mainly because pool was closed due to holy week festivities.  I made a goal on this week to hit 5 bike sessions and 5 run sessions.  I ended up with 4 bikes and 5 runs which is not bad. Every session went ok with the exception of Tueday’s long run. I don’t know what is it about Tuesdays but I always seem to have a bad training day for a reason that is completely unknown for me. Overall happy with the week as I HTFU and got the job done. Could have hustle a little bit more and add a couple of open water swim workouts but again with no partners and a severe case of open water phobia it was a NO- NO.

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