jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Weekly Brush-up 09/05/11 – 09/12/11

SWIMMING: 3hrs 27min [8850mts]

CYCLING: 4hrs 14min [122.1km]

RUNNING: 4hrs 25min [28 miles]

TOTALS: 12hrs 06min

*Notes: A little behind schedule with this one but I’ve been kind of out my mind lately with all the travel hassle and last minute changes. This was a good week overall. I make some changes and dropped a couple of double sessions in and effort to regain freshness for my last week of hard training. I was particularly happy with both my long 12miles run on Thursday and my long ride on Saturday. On both I was super consistent, improved as the workout got on and finished not feeling like I was going to die. I also had a decent tempo run on Sunday beating last week’s time for the same workout by about 40 seconds. Swimming just keep constant, nothing spectacular there although I think I lack the intensity. That intensity that got me swimming my faster last year by Miami 70.3. Now I have the volume lots lets just wait and see which one yields the better benefits. Going into my last weeks is just a matter of keeping some intensity, reduce some volume, avoid injuries and pump up for the race. I will create a new definition for HTFU after this trip, that’s for sure.

miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

Weekly Brush-up 08-29-11 / 09-04-11

Swimming: 3x [3hrs 46min (9.850mts)

Cycling: 4x [6hrs 31min (183.5km)

Running: 5x [5hrs 17min (30 miles)

Totals: 15hrs 34min

Notes: Well! BIGGEST overall week so far and quite possibly BIGGEST week of training EVER. Swimming back to normal 3 times a week all over 3k mts. Ride 4 times all quality and Ran over 30miles. I am 3 weeks away from my second A race of the season, Augusta 70.3 and I’m not sure what to expect. I don’t know if I am ready or not but I *think* I have done enough to finish this thing in good shape. Going over the strategy I just want to execute correctly every technical aspect of this race. Pacing, transition, nutrition, etc. I will TRY my hardest to do a negative split on both the bike and the run as I am sure this will yield positive results. This week I was able to do my 3hour ride and stay aero for much of it, only thing I have to tweak now is ADD some chamois cream and I can be aero all day. From now on I want to put special care and attention on my sleep as I feel I’ve been under sleeping a lot this last couple of months, 6-7hrs are not enough and they definitely show up during the day and workouts. I also want to take a couple of days off during the next 2 weeks to see if I can freshen up some before taper time which I plan to extend from 10-7 days. I am really happy for this week because it didn’t only had the overall volume and consistency over the three disciplines but it also had nice touches of quality, especially on the bike. Lets HTFU for 2 more week and wait for it all to pay off.