viernes, 20 de enero de 2012


As I go back to my blog stats I realize I got 5.198 page views all time.  I am really grateful for all of you who took a minute to check out my training and thoughts on the triathlon world.  It’s almost 4 months since I competed or trained for triathlons.  My personal situation combined with some external factors have dictated a hiatus for me at the moment.  Tris are not free and I just cannot keep on with the pace anymore.  This last trip to Augusta was really tough financially and mentally. 

Even though triathlon is an individual sport part of its joy relies on meeting new people and having some kind of PARTNER around to share the experience. I NEVER had that and that’s probably the main reason why I ‘m not doing it anymore.  Putting in the effort day and day out requires a level of motivation very hard to have on your own.  For the last couple of years I did every single swim, ride or run on my fucking self. 

It’s been also 4 months since I talk to who was my best friend for the last 4 years.  At least with him I could sometimes chat about tri stuff and get some motivation.  Problem is I needed a REAL friend, someone to be there ALWAYS, not just when he gets a PB at a event and needed someone to share and brag about it, or when his girlfriend was not around or even better when he just moved to a new country and had nobody to talk to during lunch while he eat sandwiches and soup.  I wanted to be a special friend and give my fucking all for the friendship but dude was just so superficial  could not possibly understand how much of a mental load I have on a day to day basics and what he represented.

If you still out there doing tris I strongly recommend you made the effort of keeping at it, such a rewarding journey one you cross that fucking finish line.  Relating with LOTS of strangers and having teammates is very granting.  I can say I have barely talk to anyone in the triathlon world since I drop out and that’s fucking sad.  With my local and biggest event the San Juan coming up I know I will be very sad that Sunday of march.  I thought about volunteering but it will just be too hard on my damn self.  If I make it to cheering it would be a victory and a personal best.

Thanks again for reading any of my post, you deserve a medal.

Happy training, Be safe.