domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2009

Surprise!!!! My 2010 season plan is done

So after a lot of thinking, budgeting and begging, I signed up for an International Event for 2010. The Miami Ironman 70.3, thanks to one of my friends for a late push , I took the step and we’ll be making the trip together. I have to admit that even though I”m happy , I’m also very concern with how much money is involved- More on that later.  So I decided that this year I want only good performances, and the only way to make that possible is with less events and more training. So for 2010, My goals 1 mod. Iron-Distance event in March/ a sprint or Olympic in June and then, the main event in October. Look what I got in the email…

Dear Emmanuel,

Congratulations! You are now registered for IRONMAN 70.3 MIAMI. Please check the event's official website for updates:

View your complete registration details »


Hello and Welcome to the 2010 Ironman 70.3 Miami

We at Miami Tri Events & Excel Events and Productions are working hard so that you have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Throughout the following weeks and prior to the event we will be sending you important updates and more details about the race, such as your wave start times, predicted weather and water conditions, where to go for an early packet pick-up, etc.

martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

New Tires


Just a quickie, As you know I’ve been struggling lately with plantar fasciitis. In an attempt to get better and protect my feet I realized I needed a pair of new running shoes.  I’ve been running on Brooks Radius 7 for exactly a year, I was very embarrassed when I realized this, but it has been for $ Rea$on$ that I’ve been so sloppy regarding my shoes.  I have medium arches and no pronation, so anything in the Neutral Cushioned category will suit me just fine.  I spent quite a few hours searching for shoes, reading reviews and comparing prices.  I hit the wall when I saw how much a decent pair of running shoes had gone up on price. You can’t buy shoes for much less than a $100 bucks.  I had a budget of about $70-85 but really there wasn’t much to look around on that price range, everything was crap (poor reviewed) or was getting discontinue or left behind(clearance).  After I realized there wasn’t much to gain waiting on shoes to arrive after buying them online, I decided to go local.  Big Er. Same thing, everything around $100 and not much of a variety either. On my last stop I was finally able to see some decent shoes, even though they were not cheap by any means. I came across the Saucony Triumph 6, the store guy told me he used them and they felt very good. I order them in size 11.5 and tried them on. They felt pretty nice I should add, but with a 89.99 price tag I was a little bit out of budget.  So I “politely” asked for a discount and they say the better they could do was 84.99 -$5 off. After I wandered around the store for aprox 30min. I decided I really needed the shoe and 5 off was better than nothing at all, I went on and completed the sale.I rushed home and went to check on reviews of them. I was happy to see they were in the same price on internet stores. Apparently the version has come out that for the discount price. As for users reviews, I’m going to skip those for today.  SO!!! for the first time I’ll be running in Sauconys and be able to review them, I’ll let you know how it goes.

sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2009

Feet-Feet Complaining

footSo here I am, 5 weeks away from one of my ultimate goals for 2010; a PB @ Walt Disney World half-marathon. Guess what? Mrs. Plantar Fasciitis has shown out and she doesn’t want to go away. It started with intermittent heel pain and has worsen into an almost unmanageable discomfort.  I took a week off from running, stretching the hell out of calves, feet, Achilles tendons & hamstrings and it did little to reduce the pain while running. Today I tried a 12 mile long run,a after a week of rest, I was in pain since mile #1. Managed to shuffle my way to a 10 miler, before I was barely unable to walk. So with that, what once was a chance to PR @the 13.1 distance, is now an effort to even participate. I’ll keep the self-treatment-rest combo and see what I can do. I’ll keep you update on how it goes.

martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

Some of my favorite triathlon shots, enjoy!!!

Hello everybody, This is compilation of “some” of my favorite triathlon pictures. I’m using this post to test out a program I’m using to create more and better blogs.


sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2009

How to build your dream bike on a budget "how I did it"

1. Draw a mental image of what kind of bike you want and how you want to build it up, components/parts/etc…

From the start I knew I wanted a TT or triathlon frame, I also wanted a smaller bike to compensate for my out of this morphology or lack of it, of long legs with a very short torso. I didn’t had any brands in mind, just something nice and in my budget.

2. Determine your budget

A good idea is to create a range and establish a maximum amount to spend. Don’t look for things that top that amount or borrow extra money.

3. Make an inventory of what you have and what you will need to complete the build up

If you want a dream bike is almost true that you have a bike that you are not happy with. This is actually good news since you can scrap things out of it like cranks, wheels, etc and save those for the new build up. This help me up a lot since I had a saddle, wheels, pedals and aerobars laying around.

4. Think USED

If you are looking for a budget build chances are you can’t afford a new ride. so used it is. Don’t get me wrong you can find a new bike on a great price, but this should no be your mentally going in. Understand that many used parts are in like new condition and are cosmetically almost perfect.

5. Find a frame

Look on Ebay and other sites like craigslist for frames in your area. Also many bike forums commonly include a classifieds section were they allow users to sell just about anything. Actually that’s how I found my frame from Ebay, brand new and ended up paying under $300 bucks including shipping to Puerto Rico.

6. Scramble and mix and match components

Don’t think just one brand, you can mix components and still end up with a perfectly working shifting system. In my case I run Shimano chains with Sram derailleur and vice-versa.

7. Research the internet on HOW TO install things or get a bicycle repair book so you can save money on mechanics

A great resource site is there you can find many repairs how to’s to actually do it on yourself. Another great tool are Zinn’s complete book series, you can find that for road, mountain and triathlon bikes specifically. I had great knowledge to start with but those really help me whenever I got stuck.

8. Test your bike in the trainer and make adjustments such as gears and brakes

Repeat this step as much as necessary before taking your bike for its first spin. Work and test/Work and Test until satisfactory operation is obtained.

9. Get fitted on your bike

You can do this on your own if you have the knowledge by trial and error, if you don’t, contact a professional, this will ultimately make that bike, your dream bike by riding on it comfortably and with power.

10. Enjoy your bike, train your ass out and WIN race!!!

domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

Got Drafting? you better don't...

If you follow triathlon you know how controversial drafting issues have become during triathlon events. If you don’t, let me tell you, is nasty. If you participate in triathlon you may be familiar with the Non-Drafting format, which is mandatory in every triathlon in America and many around the world. Mainly the ITU [International Triathlon Union] allows for this practice (drafting) during events which changes the whole dynamic of TRI-athlon. Not swimming, cycling or running by itself.

What is Drafting:

If you didn’t knew before, drafting means to swim, ride or run directly behind or parallel to another subject. By drafting you try to use the other rider as a SHADE to avoid many elements but mainly the wind, which is the MAIN resistance force we face in triathlon. In non-drafting competition you cannot do this during the bike, but you can certainly swim the whole way or run by that effect, directly behind someone “even touching him” and not be penalized. WHY? I don’t know , the only reason that comes to mind is the difficulty is trying to sight kept an established distance /margin while you swim, almost impossible. On the other side, you can for sure establish a non drafting running policy and possibly have good support from triathletes because this would have little effect on the outcome of the race.

Why is Drafting important:

By using someone as a shade from natural elements or DRAFT, you can save energy, lots of energy, many have report up to a 30% of difference in the energy level between drafting or pushing the whole bike leg. I remember a pro ITU athlete reporting a radical heart rate drop [120bpm or something like that] during draft legal events which allows them to RELAX while in the pack and feeling fresh going into the run. So, mainly drafting represents a benefit for everybody who competes in triathlon, to complete one of the legs with relatively ease and have more energy for the rest of the event. The problem is born when by allowing drafting you ELIMINATE someone’s strength(cyclist) in the event and put other (runners) in the driver seat. Still don’t understand? Lets say I’m a great cyclist Like Normann Staddler and my strategy for the race is to push hard on the bike to create a gap that allows me to run my pace (weakest event) and still have a shot for the win. By doing that I’m trying to force my competitors someone like Chris McCormack to use more energy during the bike trying to keep contact with me and with that reduce or take away some of their strength (their biggest weapon). Done with the pro’s now you say, Why is this important for the age-groupers? Because the time you are finishing with is NOT REAL, you didn’t “ride” the distance, you draft it and possibly coast it which is only allow if you are part of the ITU and represent your country.


Reports have been raining out of the last couple of events organized by WTC or the Ironman and 70.3 series. There is actually a video of bunch of people riding together during Ironman Florida without being penalized. Most recently the 70.3 world championships in Clearwater proved to be a drafting destination for triathletes even with some last minute changes in the starting format , from a mass start to a staggered one. People STILL drafted and the race one again came up to a runners race, completely trashing dreams of good bikers who wanted a clean and fair race to have a shot at the win. I was in shock during the broadcast, How in the world if I’m watching a non drafting event there is a PACK of 15-20 guys entering T2 together? Reading another blog, I came across a PRO who was in the race and mentions, seeing packs of about 80 people and riding ORGANIZED even making rotations and taking turns at the front. But we know there have been drafting issues since wayyyyy before now and have been ignored but not now. Why? Because now it is NASTY.

My opinion/Experience:

I race in Puerto Rico where drafting is ALLOWED in the majority of races [don’t even ask me why] and have also raced in the states with a non-drafting format. I personally don’t even care if you draft or not, not because I think is fair is because I don’t think you can control it. Hilly courses? I’ve been there done that and people still are able to draft there, staggered start? 70.3 @ Clearwater proved that doesn’t work, a 10 meter zone? You just can’t marshal 2000 athletes effectively. So what can be done? Can drafting be stopped?


I have an Idea which I think is possible and “could” alleviate the problem. I was thinking about a digital chip or transmitter, just like the one used in cycling or running, attached to every bike which sounds or beeps whenever you trespass the draft zone by sensing the others bike chip. Whenever you violate the rule and spent extra time drafting that chip also gets identified by the computer and you can penalized digitally the participant by adding time to his/her finishing time. If you have a better solution for the drafting problem please leave a comment to this post or email me. I hope I’d updated you on drafting , and watch out, I know you are drafting and WE are going to bust you up…

martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

My Turkey Trot 5k

Today I decided to give it a try to a local 5k race tradition. I knew coming in I couldn’t be too ambitious time wise, since this week has been extremely tough on my body, including 6 blood samples and many skipped days of training. The course was as flat as it can be, with almost no turns. The challenging factor was humidity which was sky high at start time. I wasn’t feeling particularity good on race day, but proceeded to warm up and felt a little bit better by the time I was sweating. A great finishing time would’ve been in the upper 22’s but it wasn’t that day, so almost anything in the 23 min range was acceptable. I was doing this race as part of my training for Walt Disney World half-marathon. Per McMillan’s pace calculator I should be able to run 23.46 for the 5k distance to achieve my goal half marathon time of 1:XX:XX (we’ll keep that as a secret for now).

The gun went off and running I was, I got stocked a little bit behind the pack which had me zigzagging during the first meters . I wasn’t in a good rhythm but I kept digging trying to hit my 1rst mile target of 7.20 before I know 1rst mile was here with a 7.31 split. After missing the aid station During the 2nd mile I thought I was running faster since I was catching up to people but once again I had a slower split 7.48. I still can believe that was my split. Finally the last mile and I was trying to keep up the pace but I was already feeling the aftermath of this hard week (health wise) . As I was approaching the 3rd mile split a couple of runners caught up to me and I put in another gear while trying to stay with them, they were closing the race hard and I didn’t wanted to be beaten up right at the finish. Said and Done, after the 3rd mile 7.32, they all sprinted to the finish and I was let struggling behind as a LONE finisher. Finish time 23.40, Not my best time but certainly not my worst. I’m happy with the fact that at least I ran 6 seconds faster that what I’m supposed to achieve my ultimate half-marathon goal. That’s what is all about…

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2009

Linking the Tri-Experience -online references source

Ever wonder where to find exactly the information you need about triathlon? I've try my best to create a compilation of triathlon related Internet sites to solve that problem, or at least point you in the right direction. The following sites offer a wide menu on the issues we triathletes need the most help with.
In no particular order
Forum, online training log, bike fitting and interaction with pro and elite triathletes.
Forum, photo galleries and a LOT of race reports from the pros.
Everything for the less experienced athlete, log, plans, race tips.
Everything for the newbie athlete, plans, advice, and user to user interaction.
Free training plans and forums.
Official site of Triathletes and Inside Tri magazines. videos, blogs, race coverage.
Lots of advice and tips from the some of the best coaches in triathlon.
Is like facebook for triathletes, you can talk to people, post results and even hace rivals in your zone.

I hope this post gives and ideas to some and serves as a reference source for others in search of any triathlon related topic. If you have any site that I have missed and deserves to be in the list please contact me and I'll be happy to add it. KEEP ON SBRing!!! Coming soon: THE BLOGS OF THE PROS

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