martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

My Turkey Trot 5k

Today I decided to give it a try to a local 5k race tradition. I knew coming in I couldn’t be too ambitious time wise, since this week has been extremely tough on my body, including 6 blood samples and many skipped days of training. The course was as flat as it can be, with almost no turns. The challenging factor was humidity which was sky high at start time. I wasn’t feeling particularity good on race day, but proceeded to warm up and felt a little bit better by the time I was sweating. A great finishing time would’ve been in the upper 22’s but it wasn’t that day, so almost anything in the 23 min range was acceptable. I was doing this race as part of my training for Walt Disney World half-marathon. Per McMillan’s pace calculator I should be able to run 23.46 for the 5k distance to achieve my goal half marathon time of 1:XX:XX (we’ll keep that as a secret for now).

The gun went off and running I was, I got stocked a little bit behind the pack which had me zigzagging during the first meters . I wasn’t in a good rhythm but I kept digging trying to hit my 1rst mile target of 7.20 before I know 1rst mile was here with a 7.31 split. After missing the aid station During the 2nd mile I thought I was running faster since I was catching up to people but once again I had a slower split 7.48. I still can believe that was my split. Finally the last mile and I was trying to keep up the pace but I was already feeling the aftermath of this hard week (health wise) . As I was approaching the 3rd mile split a couple of runners caught up to me and I put in another gear while trying to stay with them, they were closing the race hard and I didn’t wanted to be beaten up right at the finish. Said and Done, after the 3rd mile 7.32, they all sprinted to the finish and I was let struggling behind as a LONE finisher. Finish time 23.40, Not my best time but certainly not my worst. I’m happy with the fact that at least I ran 6 seconds faster that what I’m supposed to achieve my ultimate half-marathon goal. That’s what is all about…

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