domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2009


Hello Everybody and welcome to E-trinews. Here you will find my insights and perspective on a variety of topics , including my main passion...Triathlon Lifestyle. I'm a young triathlete from Puerto Rico, who just loves the sport and wants to do more than just training and competing. I'll do my best to present training tips, product reviews, race reports, course analysis, journalism, athletes profiles and facts and my life as a triathlete myself.My main purpose is to practice my english as well as making new friends and gaing as much knowleadge on a sea of topics. If I can make you laugh while doing that , then mission accomplish. Now seat back, relax and follow me on this new and challenging journey. If you like my blog and/or have any ideas on how to improve it please contact me and let me know, I plan on posting everything also in spanish for those of my home country who wish to follow me... You can also follow me on twitter @

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