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How to build your dream bike on a budget "how I did it"

1. Draw a mental image of what kind of bike you want and how you want to build it up, components/parts/etc…

From the start I knew I wanted a TT or triathlon frame, I also wanted a smaller bike to compensate for my out of this morphology or lack of it, of long legs with a very short torso. I didn’t had any brands in mind, just something nice and in my budget.

2. Determine your budget

A good idea is to create a range and establish a maximum amount to spend. Don’t look for things that top that amount or borrow extra money.

3. Make an inventory of what you have and what you will need to complete the build up

If you want a dream bike is almost true that you have a bike that you are not happy with. This is actually good news since you can scrap things out of it like cranks, wheels, etc and save those for the new build up. This help me up a lot since I had a saddle, wheels, pedals and aerobars laying around.

4. Think USED

If you are looking for a budget build chances are you can’t afford a new ride. so used it is. Don’t get me wrong you can find a new bike on a great price, but this should no be your mentally going in. Understand that many used parts are in like new condition and are cosmetically almost perfect.

5. Find a frame

Look on Ebay and other sites like craigslist for frames in your area. Also many bike forums commonly include a classifieds section were they allow users to sell just about anything. Actually that’s how I found my frame from Ebay, brand new and ended up paying under $300 bucks including shipping to Puerto Rico.

6. Scramble and mix and match components

Don’t think just one brand, you can mix components and still end up with a perfectly working shifting system. In my case I run Shimano chains with Sram derailleur and vice-versa.

7. Research the internet on HOW TO install things or get a bicycle repair book so you can save money on mechanics

A great resource site is www.parktool.com there you can find many repairs how to’s to actually do it on yourself. Another great tool are Zinn’s complete book series, you can find that for road, mountain and triathlon bikes specifically. I had great knowledge to start with but those really help me whenever I got stuck.

8. Test your bike in the trainer and make adjustments such as gears and brakes

Repeat this step as much as necessary before taking your bike for its first spin. Work and test/Work and Test until satisfactory operation is obtained.

9. Get fitted on your bike

You can do this on your own if you have the knowledge by trial and error, if you don’t, contact a professional, this will ultimately make that bike, your dream bike by riding on it comfortably and with power.

10. Enjoy your bike, train your ass out and WIN race!!!

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