lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Weekly Brush up. (04-11-11/4-17-11)

Swimming: 2x [6000mts 2hrs 17min]

Only 2 sessions here, good thing they were both 3000mts long and there were some quality sets in there nothing strenuous but good quality overall. I definitely look forward to improve on my swimming since I think and many people also, that I have decent technique but need more strengths to get into the next level.

cycling: 2x [ 2hrs 53min 50km]

A couple of quality sessions not a big deal. Finally got on the road on Sunday and performed a 20k TT. I was a little discouraged by the time and speed average. I considered myself an above average cyclist but now I’m sure I am a MOP’er.

Running: 3x {2hrs 55min 29.8km]

No consistency here whatsoever but a lot of quality and I am REALLY REALLY happy on how my paces are progressing even with minimal work done. I finally feel like I am out of the slump again and running a little bit more instead of shuffling around at 10min x mile pace. My goal here is to run 30-35 for the remaining 4 weeks before race.

Totals: 8hrs 26min

*Notes: This week was just another one with good quality sessions but just not a lot of volume or consistency. Sad thing is, those 2 things are what keep me improving. I have a HARD race coming 4 weeks from now and I will pay the price there. Motivation is not there or here to be exact. I need a training partner, maybe a coach or simply someone to push me to my limits. I’ve made a mental commitment with myself to work intelligently hard this next 4 weeks and see what happens. As of for now I haven’t been on the road since the 70.3 event and my bike fitness which I erroneously considered my forte in triathlon- has suffered. The swim is still there and running is improving SLOwly. Now I know where to put the work up.

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