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San Juan 70.3 Race-Report / March 19th-2011

Official Results:

Swim: 38.25 (2.01 X 100mts)

T1: 4.32


Bike: total= 2.53:14 avg speed 19.4mph

BIKE SPLIT 1 - 20.8 mi
20.8 mi. (56:59)
21.90 mph

BIKE SPLIT 2 - 37.2 mi
16.4 mi. (51:04)
19.27 mph

BIKE SPLIT 3 - 56 mi
18.8 mi. (1:05:11)
17.31 mph

T2: 3.12

Run: total: 2.34:00 avg pace 11.45/mile

RUN SPLIT 1 - 3.45 mi
3.45 mi. (32:55)

RUN SPLIT 2 - 6.52 mi
3.07 mi. (35:21)

RUN SPLIT 3 - 9.65 mi
3.13 mi. (38:36)

RUN SPLIT 4 - 13.1 mi
3.45 mi. (47:08)

13.1 mi. (2:34:00)


TOTAL TIME 6 HRS 13 MIN division:30 out of 50

My data: Cateye ciclo computer

time 2.58.54 includes un-racking and racking with runs in transition

distance 89.89km

avg. 30.2km/hr

Polar Heart Rate ciclo-computer

time: 2hrs 51min 46 sec

distance: 55.1miles

avg. speed 19.2mph

avg.heart rate 159bpm

avg. cadence 91 rpm

Run data:Timex Ironman watch

mile1 =9.31

mile2= 9.27

mile3= 9.37

mile 4= 10.04

mile 5 to 1rst lap turnaround= 29.31

1rst lap turnaround to mile 7= 5.56

mile8= 10.31

mile 9 to mile 10= 26.19

mile11= 12.20

mile12= 13.36

mile 13+.1= 17.01

Race day Nutrition: Race weight was aprox. 150lbs

-peanut butter sandwich = 300cal

-20onz powerade = 150cal

-2x apple sauce = 200cal

-1x PowerGel before swim start = 110cal


20oz EFS = 192 cal

aprox. 40onz water

1/4 banana

EFS Liquid Shot = 400cal

total: 600cal aprox = 200 cal/hr


-gatorade and water as needed

-a couple of zips of PowerGel

-5x cliff shot blocks orange



Well it’s 48 hours after the first IM 70.3 San Juan and I can barely walk.  My calves are out of service at the moment and moving from one place to another is challenging, even if they are just 3 feet apart. I’ve done a lot of self analysis and came out with some positive feedback on what went wrong and what went good.

After wind milling on my bed for 8 hours I woke up race morning at 4:15am feeling ok. I got everything figured out, had a couple of rounds against my peanut butter sandwich just trying to swallow it and off to transition I was.  If there was anything annoying for me on race day, was the fact of having to be in and out of transition almost 2 hours till my wave start. Lots of nervous minutes, doing nothing but visiting the porta potty.

Preparing my transition area was a breeze, got body marked, sun blocked and away to the swim start. After 2 hours, it was time for me to go. My wave wasn’t that big, maybe 80 people,so I opted for a place to the right of the pack and very tight to the buoys.  The first meters were kind of rough, I was trying to decide on which feet to stay and draft and got kicked and swam over a couple of times.  I really felt with tired arms after the first 500mts but I decided to stay calm and focus on a easy effort. That was my goal coming into this race to utilize as little energy as possible on the swim but stay under 40min for it.  The rest was more of the same until 300 mts to go where the currents and choppy water shakes us around and little bit and make it difficult to fallow some feet and sight to transition.  At the ramp, out of the water, 38min, no cramps and I was happy.

It was a long transition to the bikes, probably 600mts, I took it very easy and made it into the stadium and out in no time.

On the bike I felt awesome, I even performed a flying mount and felt like a pro doing it. Once on the road and aero I quickly find my rhythm and just focused on keeping my hrt low at zone 2 to be precise. It was a lonely way going out of town but I quickly started passing people and before I know it, I was averaging 20mph.  I was just about 11km into my ride when the pros came flying the opposite way to finish their bike, Boy do they look impressive. I even shout Go Macca! directly at him, I can believe I was there on the same course with 2 time defending champion.  I continue to focus on my effort and continue to pass people while been passed a minimum of times. I stay sharp on my nutrition and was feeling very happy as to how good I was riding.  Coming in to the turnaround after the first lap and as the course go a little more solitary came the first real mental test of the day.  Apparently my aerobar pads got socked with water and lost its glue and the pad went flying from my bike. I tried catching it on the fly but couldn’t as I was riding a pacing line with riders on both sides and in front and back. It was kind of confusing at the moment, I had to ride with my skinny, sharp elbow on the bar aluminum and screws of the elbow cups.  It was getting painful by the minute and I had to ride upfront like a big parachute for the remainder of the bike. About 40km to be exact. I was disappointed as I believe my position is one of my weapons of choice on the bike and couldn’t use it as the winds got stronger.  Anyways to the end of bike it was and I was still catching some strugglers. I had a few pinches on my hamstrings which got me thinking Oh no, trouble, but after coming out of the bike and been able to actually jog with my bike I was more than happy.

Into the stadium, socks and shoes on, trying to stay calm taking it easy and off T2 I was.

It’s amazing what can happen when you are well prepared for a race, well sort of. My hamstring start acting up by the first couple of minutes and I had to stop before going up the hill out of transition. I thought this was the end of the race but surprisingly once over it, I started running again and into a nice rhythm while passing people. It was 9.30-9.30-9.30 and before I know it I was a the turnaround. I made a deal with myself of walking the uphills and running everything else. I was doing great and by mile 8 I was on pace for my target run split and a surprising sub 6hrs finish. This is when things got ugly, My calves kept getting tighter and tighter by the minute forcing me to stop, walk, stretch and only manage to run 1-2 minutes at a time. I was loosing time quickly and kept getting passed by those who I passed in the first loop. By mile 11 all I could do was walking and even that was a great challenge. I really tried HARD to shake the cramps out of my calves as I watched the minutes ticking away with my sub 6hrs sleep. At mile 12.5 I succumbed to  the cramps it was just too painful so much that I collapsed right in the middle of the street, unable to stand up or un-cramp my legs. I still find it funny that 3 days from race week I have NO soreness on my quads or hamstrings which are the major muscles working and my calves are juts locked down and out of service.  Another competitor grab me off the floor, helped me stretch and offered to walk with me to the finish line. After I got up I encouraged him to keep on with his race as I walk to the finish line. It’s still hard on the the fact the I couldn’t run down the finish chute and give high 5 to people, I was so looking forward to that feeling. There it was, me and the finish with 6hrs 13min and 23secs on the clock. A 39 min PB shaded by the what if… feeling.

I entered the medical tent as a request from my brother to receive some iv’s in order to aid with recovery, as I tent to recover slowly from hard efforts.  I did and spent 2 hours there just receiving treatment to my UGLY cramps which continue thru ought that time. A couple ml’s of sodium and off the medical tent I was , feeling like I just completed a whole 140.6 mile Ironman.

Going back to the race there is less than a handful number of things I would change. First is to LISTEN to my body and receive the treatment when it stills early. I had the alarm from my calves 2 weeks prior and slept through it.  Again pacing is so important and I certainly over paced for the first 3 miles on the run by 30sec each, which may not seen like much but hunted me in the later miles. 

As per positives there were lots of them. I performed my strategy of energy conserving on the swim and still went under 40minutes and cramp free. My transitions were spot on with no forgotten items or details. On the bike I paced as I planed, staying in zone 2 per my hrt and averaged just under 20mph without optimal position due to a lost aerobar pad.  On the run, well I run for 8 miles which is a victory for me and for the first time I believe I am capable of running a 1/2 marathon off the bike without stopping and do it at a respectable pace. Last but not least …I personal bested!!! Nothing else matters. I improved and did clearly which tells me that I MUST be doing something correct. Big props to everyone in the slowtwitch forum for helping me out and to my main man Eric for believing and supporting me. I’m coming! don’t even look back!!! HTFU and get the job done…



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