domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Weekly Brush-up No.8 (3/7/11-3/13-11)

Swimming: 3x [2hrs 34min (7100 mts)]

I’ve been off track a little bit on the swimming lately. This week I did an easy aerobic set,a 4 x 400 descending times and my key workout of 18 x 100 on threshold with descending rest which was once again reduced to 15x.

Cycling: 2x [2hrs 50min (48km + trainer time)]

Just 2 sessions but quality everywhere. I did my usual 2 x 20min at FTP by perceived exertion and 50k on Saturday including 4x5min jumps at race effort.

Running: 5x [3hrs 41min (37.2km)]

Nothing fancy here, again 5 times but shorter sessions. I added a hard interval session on Thursday as 5x3min hard with 2 min recovery and was very happy with how I felt during that.

Totals: 9hrs 05min

*Notes: Last week of training before the BIG race. I reduced volume a little bit, added some intensity and maintained consistency.  I had a couple of encouraging workouts to keep looking forward to a good race on march 19th. I also find out that I am on the last wave, I was very disappointed, I wanted to quit, don’t show up because I thought I was in disadvantage by having to face the worst conditions on race day. Having to play catch up all day, starting the ride with the strongest winds and hopefully running in the hottest conditions. I cleared all of that by thinking how lucky I am to be healthy and to be participating. In short words;I cannot quit, WHY? I have trained hard, I have trained LOTS, I have trained intelligently, I’ve worked on my limiters and I can BEAT  a whole lotta people next Saturday. My motto is to HTFU, get the job done and crush some dreams because I have home court advantage.

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