domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

Weekly Brush-Up No.7 (3/1/11–3/6/11)

Swimming:4x [3 HRS 14MIN (9.000MTS)]

Four swims this week & that’s great. 1 easy recovery swim, 2 key workouts and a open water on course. Textbook week!!! I failed to complete my 18x100 target workout on friday, probably due to overall fatigue but got 15 of those done anyways. Open water swimming needs work, sighting and navigation still an issue. Have to be careful on goggles choice.

Cycling: 2.5x [5 HRS 29MIN (150KM)]

Only 2 sessions this week but they were both VERY beneficial and with good quality. I bailed out of my trainer session after been unable to reach target heart rate zones. I later discover that hrt does not responds to indoor cycling as it normally does on the road and I will address that on my next training ride indoors.

Running: 4x [4 HRS 04MIN (46.6KM)]

Had to pull out of my 5th run because of a bad/strained calf. My other 4 runs where in the acceptable range. As a positive side this week included a 2 hrs long run + a 8.5 middle run which I like in terms of volume and consistency.

total: 13hrs 29min

notes* BIG week, overall happy with how it turned out. I got every key session done. A little bit worried about the sore calf but I am working on that. The majority of the work is now done and I am shutting down engines very soon. Confidence is building as I’ve done the best I could in order to address my limiters and be as specific as I can during the prep. Constant visits to all 3 courses, equipment and nutrition set up tests and mental visualization are all crucial to what I can achieve on race day.  Two more weeks of EASIER stuff, lets rest up –HTFU and perform.

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