domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

Weekly Brush-Up No. (3/14/11-3/19/11)

Swimming: 2hrs 07min [5700 mts]

Here I maintained pretty good volume and intensity. Felt really good on both Wednesday's and Friday's swim.

Cycling: 3hrs 43min [90km +trainer time]

Just a quick 40min trainer ride with a couple acceleration and a 10min pre race ride to check and double check everything.

Running:3hrs 56min [35.5km]

Two short high intensity workouts to spice things up went really well. I was surprise with me running close to sub 9min miles on race week with no effort. The training  did it’s job and I had 8 REALLY good miles on race day. After that is another story, again race report coming shortly.

Total:9hrs 46min

*Notes: Race week, everything went smooth through taper. Consistency and Intensity kept about the same with a slight volume decrease.  Other than spending LESS time on my feet, I won’t change much. Race went ok, I am not disappointed with it,I am satisfied and know what to work on from now on. Race Report to fallow…

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