domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

Weekly brush up No.5 (2-14-11/2-20-11)

Swimming:3x [2hr 31(7000 mts)]

A couple of good workouts, consistency finally hit 3 sessions. Open water session on Saturday was a great confidence booster, fix a couple of navigation,sighting mistakes and dialed down what effort I need to do on race day.

Cycling: 3x [6hr 6min [144.7kms]

Quality-No junk miles here. Trainer session, short threshold intervals and long ride with tempo all went ok. Need to tweak minor details on aerobar configuration to address a neck strain problem.

Running:5x [4hr 17min (26 miles)]

Well not as expected but GOT THE JOB DONE, short runs,threshold run, long one and a brick. Everything you need for a textbook running kind of week.

Totals: 12hrs 55mins

*Notes: GREAT week if we left behind tuesdays long run. I completed every workout on good fashion. Consistency was great and overall volume is close to tops. Saturday was great with 3 workouts completing almost an olympic distance race. Long ride on sunday was excellent, nutrition was spot on and I rode 1 hour at race pace and felt ok afterwards. I was supposed to go 2.15 but went 2.28 because of an error at the turn around. Looking forward to next couple of hard days before going into taper mode. My confidence got a little bit better after this week, now is time to stay focus and HTFU.

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