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Bike performance analysis

*note I created this as a personal thing to use as future reference to track progress. If you want to read it go on, Amen. Hope this make you realize something beneficial to your own training experience.

Training rides in preparation for Miami 70.3 event (include last 8  rides)

8 weeks out




7 week out



12.9 mph

hilly course

6 weeks out



15.5 mph

5 weeks out



16.5 mph

4 weeks out



15.6 mph

3 weeks out

55 km


15.5 mph

2 weeks out

77 km


16.4 mph

1 week out

61 km


15.4 mph





19.6 mph



Findings: The first thing that jumps on my mind looking at this data is that I DID NOT HAD THE VOLUME to be able to handle the 90km segment of the bike. I only hit that mark ONCE during that block which is a quick recipe for disaster. Then looking a the average speed for the rides I did not included ANY threshold or tempo work simulating race pace/conditions/equipment/position, etc. Again recipe for disaster. How can I averaged 4 mph faster on the race if I had never went that fast or even close on training?, exposing me to a whole new calorie intake rate, effort perception, fatigue level , etc. TIME is a another factor the race itself was my 3rd longest ride of the WHOLE plan, which is not good by any means. I was in a physiological stress/doubt way early in the race.

Impressions: I am honest when I say I did feel good during the bike split of the race. But again, I didn’t had any TOOL to measure effort which left me with RPE but unfortunately ADRENALINE has a great effect on it and it showed afterwards. I went too hard and even longer than never before. I should have establish an easy pace, treated like a Sunday ride and make it to transition feeling like I had something left for the run.

Things to work on: I’ve made some big changes I’ve mentioned before on my blog so I’ll make a quick list.

    1. Adjust wheel resistance on the trainer, I was spinning WAY to easily neglecting the effects of interval work.
    2. Go longer, I’ve go 72km so far and plan on keep building.
    3. Include threshold/tempo work on longer rides.This has really make a big difference on overall average speed on my longer rides and making them fun. (yeah right)
    4. Incorporate a Heart Rate Monitor as my main training tool and effort gauge. (THANKS Eric)
    5. Riding more, I’ve upper my rides to 4x a week, including QUALITY sets on most of them.

Hope this helps me improve and to finally say I’ve found the recipe for SUCCESS.

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