domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Weekly Brush up No.4 (2-1-11/2-7-11)

Swimming: 2x (1hr 39min [2600mts]

Just 2 sessions again,that’s nothing new. I am satisfied to note that I hit both sessions with and A+, including the killer of 15x100mts on :10rest @threshold pace. Goal is to hit 20x under 1.50 before the race.

Cycling: 4x (5hr 55min   [125.3km])

Tough workouts as always. Tempo and threshold intensities addressed . Difficult long ride on Saturday of 3hrs, managed to finished drained and strong at the same time. Added a short spin session to help on the overall volume.

Running:5x (3hrs 52min [33.4km ] )

Frequency , Frequency, just over 20 miles for the week on 5x. A little of dissatisfaction with the long run on Tuesday but will TRY to stay positive and focus and hope for the best come race day. I am having trouble controlling my HRT running off the bike.

Totals: 11hrs 26mins

Notes: Another consistent week. Frequency and volume and frequency building. I hit 11hrs for the first time in a lot of time. I got a little bit tired at the end of week, forcing me to cut short on Sunday's session. It’s been a TOUGH TOUGH week, lots of stuff happening and the same time and I’m unable to understand why or how to deal with them. Looking forward to next week and showing some improvements on the run, building continues.

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