martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

Weekly brush-up No.3 (01/23/11—01/30/11)

  • Swimming: 1x (2000mts (47 min)

First pool session since I’ve been sick, I felt pretty sluggish and I was loosing my form pretty easily. Anyways I out out a couple of good moderate efforts and times were what I expected.

  • Cycling : 3x (5hrs 02min (113.9km)

Quality quality quality. That’s the name of the game on the bike for me. Three sessions and every single one had some threshold or tempo work included. Feeling good on the bike, position is good and I feel I can be aero for 3hrs non stop. Averaged speed kept me feeling happy.

  • Running: 5x (3hrs 15min (30.7km)

Five run sessions wooooot, including a long run on course, First threshold run with the segment been 20min, a 2 mile brick of the bike and couple of easy short ones.


Very Happy about my overall performance this week. I was able to nail a couple of key workouts in the bike. I continued to do workouts on the actual race course making thing as race specific as possible. I feel good with my consistency on the run this week, 5x that’s my best since last year I think. Now it’s time to keep working , been as positive and optimistic as I can and focus on finishing.

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