sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Weekly Brush-up (07/25/11-07/31/11)

Swimming: 1hr 12min [3500mts]

Cycling: 5hrs 57min [173 kms]

Running: 5hrs 24min [33 miles]

Totals: 12hrs 33min

Notes: Biggest week of overall training so far on this build. I had to HTFU and do a couple of open water swim, NOT my favorites, but at least touched the water and kept some feeling for it. Long ride increased to 2.40+ hrs with some quality in, as a well as 2 mid week rides outsides just trying to hang for deer life to the back of the roadies group. Nothing spectacular on the run just plain old RUN A LOT and CONSISTENCY… Getting closer to race time and seeing where I stand after all the hard work.

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