lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Weekly Brush-Up 07/18/11-07/24/11

Swimming: [3hrs 43min (10175mts)

Cycling: [4hrs 42min (132.6km)

Running: [3hrs 03min (19miles)

Totals: [11hrs 27min]

Notes: Good volume overall for been over 11hrs total, Main consideration for this week was the reduce run volume to try and boost recovery. I only did a 7mi long run and some shorter ones to try and hit 20.  I did ride 2x outside and put in some extended time in the saddle on sunday which makes me happy even though I had to do it SOLO. Swimming, MR consistency here, again over 10k meters for the week including some nice splits during my longer workouts which are now over 3500mts. From now on it’s game time 7-8 weeks for Augusta 70.3 and I’m settle on AT LEAST 35miles of running a week and 3 hour long rides with some intensity thrown in there. I had some pretty solid feedback from a thread on and I plan to fallow them and HTFU.

Main keys from now on in the run.

-Run as slow as required to meet session and weekly volume goals.

-Don’t obsess over threshold workouts and paces

-Put attention to nutrition during my runs

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