martes, 12 de julio de 2011

Weekly Brush-up 07-04-11/07-10-11

Swimming: 1x [1hr 13min (3300mts)

Cycling: 3x [3hrs 53min (111km)

Running: 6x [4hrs 27min (28miles)

Totals: 9hrs 34 min

Notes: OK volume considering I just hit the pool once. Happy with my performance in Sunday's duathlon practice race, I had a 2min PB and hit sub 24 for the first 5k, in the morning and not proper rest which tells me I am ready to run faster. I also had a decent ride on saturday and the first one outside in a while, finished this one with a 10k TT on 17min 18secs for a 21mph avg speed and NO AERO GEAR.

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