lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Weekly Brush-up 07/11/11- 07/17/11

Swimming: [4hrs 01min (10600mts)

Cycling: [2hrs 45min (81km)

Running: [5hrs 02min (31.5miles)

Totals: 11hrs 48min

Notes: This was a pretty solid week overall. It was my biggest in terms of volume so far in this build. Huge swim workouts all at 3k + meters. I am proud of myself by HTFU and dominate been over and hour in the hour for each session. Right now pretty much everything is around 70-80 long. There was also the aquathlon practice race on Sunday , I wasn't;t spectacular but in the mindset and physiological part I was GREAT. I push hard to say with a usually faster than me runner and lost to him on a sprint when I thought I was done miles before. I felt a little bit tired on most of my runs therefore next week will include some reduce mileage to see if that brings up some freshness back.

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