martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Weekly Brush-up (08/08/11-08/14/11)

Swimming:2x (1hr32min {3100mts}

Cycling: 5hrs 20min {141kms}

Running: 5hrs 41min {35 miles}

Totals: 12hrs 33mins

Notes: Well another 12hour week and starting to feel the load. Very tired indeed and struggling to get out of bed and drag myself to another workout. I finally took some massage/therapy to my hurting back and hip and I’m hoping it continues to improve, at least my back is feeling better already.Swimming continues to be a problem because of pool closings and my negative attitude towards SOLO open water swimming. I would say this week’s highlight was my 11 mile long run on which I started like crap and finished like a champ. 1 hour and 46 min+ which is good for me. I also hit 35miles of total running this week and did my sufferfest torture chamber workout on the trainer which got me pretty tired for the next couple of days because I back it up with a 5 mile run off the bike. I hope I can refresh up just in case I ever make it to the starting line of next Sunday's oly race.

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