domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Weekly Brush-up (08/01/11-08/07/11)

Swimming: 2hrs 37min [6600mts]

Cycling:5hrs 11min [142kms]

Running: 4hrs 54min [30 miles]

Totals: 12hrs 42min

Notes: Only 2 swim sessions but they were both good, I was particularly happy when I saw I was hitting sub 1.50 x 100mts splits on barely uncomfortable effort. Also this week I added a short brick session with a short 2 miles run after a moderate bike ride, felt ok on that run @ oly goal pace of 8.30 a mile. I had to eliminate my last run of the week as a precaution to a VERY sore back, which I think I strained while sprinting on my road bike. Long ride was a HTFU or die type of workout increased to 3hrs. I did a short recon on the oly distance tri bike course which is mostly flat with just some tricky sections dealing with the wind. Now we go to the last week of building before the dorado triathlon (if I make it to the starting line) I hope it to be a productive one.

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