sábado, 1 de octubre de 2011

Weekly Brush-up 09/12/11–09/18/11

Swimming: 3x (9100mts [3hrs 24min])

Cycling: 2x (3hrs 06min [86.5km])

Running: 4x (3hrs 13min [20 miles])

Total: 9hrs 43mins

*Notes: Final week of preparation before getting into taper mode. I still was reducing some volume looking for freshness and desire to crush some dreams come race time. I did a 10 mile long run and started rough but once I got into my groove I did a nasty negative split going under 9min for the last 3 miles which is way faster than I plan to run after the bike at Augusta. My long ride consistent of 2hrs just 56km but with the 2nd hour at a decent pace and then a 3 mile transition run which felt kind of rough but I hit my targeted pace of 9mins per mile. Swimming is very low impact so I just tried to keep consistent at 9k for the week, hitting 2x sessions over 3k and 1 recovery session on Friday , all of them had very good quality. Next stop is taper week and traveling to kill a race.

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