domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

Weekly Brush-up #2 (1-10-11/1-16-11)

Swimming: 2x = 4000mts 90min total

Managed to hit my key workout of 10 x 100mts @ threshold with :10 rest. Goal here was to stay under 1.50. I went a little over that with a 1.52 max and a 1.44 as my fastest. Overall I’m please with this as I am leaving my swimming behind to fit in more B & R.

Bike: 4x = 5hrs 42min 105km + trainer distance

Feeling pretty good here, consistency as wanted. Long ride on Sunday was supposed to be longer, cheated a bit there due to motivation factors and been SOLO. On the other side I went outdoors twice and managed a good quality session on the trainer. I also put lots of aero position practices which so far is so good.

Run: 4x = 2hrs 34min = 24km

Consistency present but I hope to upper that to 5x a week of running. My on course long run on Tuesday was a success given the fitness at the time. Now I’ll start incorporating some threshold work to my medium runs on Tuesdays to try and boost up as much as I can.

TOTALS: 9HRS 36MIN , Overall a good week with some good consistency.  Overall times and paces are glacial.

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