lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

2011 Season Plan & 2010 Season Notes

I can’t call 2010 a bad year, I can’t call it a good year neither, But I can point out a couple of details of what improved and other stuff that I learned on the journey. Basically I had 3 major goals for 2010:

  1. Joyuda: Improve on last year result (4.26 2009 result)
    • I ended up with 4.31 but we had a longer swim which basically makes my time the same from previous year, so I can check this goal.
  2. Rincon: Sprint under 1.15
    • I finished with 1.16 and that included driving 2.5hrs the morning of the event and some walking during the run part. I can check this goal also.
  3. Miami Ironman 70.3: Half Ironman on 5.30 or under
    • Things got ugly here, I finished with 6:52 and a grueling day. Positive side is I hit my bike split goal of 2.50 with a 2.51 bike time.

Additional Notes:

  • I trained more and harder that ever
  • I went over some hurdles in trainer and got mentally tougher
  • I had faster swim times than ever before
  • I got a new start from scratch opportunity with a free 70.3 entry for any 2011 event.
  • Even though time wise I wasn’t close I didn’t DNF at any event for the year and completed 2/3 of my season goals

2011 season

So far this is my list of events for next season:

  1. FEBRERO 6, MEDIO MARATON SAN BLAS 21K (Return to 2008 shape and run under 2hours)
  2. MARZO 19, SAN JUAN IRONMAN 70.3 (Improve my PB for the distance and not cramp)
  3. JUNIO RINCON SPRINT OR OLYMPIC DISTANCE  (B priority race go under 1.15 age group podium)
  4. AGOSTO, DORADO SPRINT OR OLYMPIC DISTANCE (B priority race age group podium)

Things to work on for next season:

  4. Complete longer workout at target paces
  5. Incorporate hear rate monitor into training program
  6. Understand my body and develop a plan that enables it to be rested and perform higher been cramp free
  7. Focus on running at least 4x a week.

As measurements to reduce my cramping issue, here is what I’ll be trying for next couple of months.

  • Reduce sports drink intake volume, replace with plain water ( to avoid hyper hydrating and the processes that your body goes to balance your blood stream.
  • Take a Blood test,( Identify possible Magnesium, calcium or zinc deficiencies.)
  • Take a daily supplement of these, (try to take my levels to normal then proceeed with aplicable race day nutrition.)
  • Do longer and harder training sessions (Use these to simulate race conditions, hydration, nutrition and muscle memory)
  • Reduce caffeine intake,(Other possible cause for cramping) 
  • Incorporate more stretching into my training program, I’m none as a very stiff person , some extra flexibility can’t do any damage)

 Additional Notes: I plan on keep using the same training system [that’s a secret] I’ve used for the last 6 months, I can’t complain about lack of fitness, all of my struggle has come from something outside of my power, something I can’t seem to control or fix to some point or incorrect pacing on my part, as was the case in dorado sprint tri. The thing I don’t have a clue is, What kind of plan will I use for San Blas Half-Marathon I think I’ll have 8-10 weeks to prepare for that but my route in currently not defined.


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